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Güneş Panellerinin Kurulumu


Delta Solar has signed the agreement with Pravita Holding for the co-development of 300 MW of photovoltaic in Greece, near Thessaloniki. The international investor, specialized in renewable sources, has already begun the acquisition procedures.

The construction of the plant is expected to begin in nine months, thanks to the fast track procedures of “Enterprise Greece”.

Güneş Panelleri Teknisyenleri


Development and engineering services for the construction of 200 MW photovoltaic plants divided into various regions of Italy respectively. Delta is currently developing projects on the entire national Italian territory, Delta is in charge of finding the land and bringing the project to RTB status.

In addition to that,1000 MW Wind Energy is offshore in Italy. Our Italian partner is sitting at the table of the Italian Ministry of Energy for the development of this innovative offshore Project.

We will co-develop with a Historic R&D Energy Department working in Italy for the last 20 Years. Detailed, projects can be provided upon specific request and upon signature of a specific NDA.

elektrik mühendisi


Development and engineering services for the construction of 1000 MW of photovoltaic plant in two tranches of 400 and 600 MW respectively. Delta takes care of bringing the project to the status of RTB, of ensuring and financing the project, of directing the construction of the project up to the connection to the national electricity grid and the commercial start-up of the two SPVs already established.

The Project is mainly for the Governorate of Kinshasa. Distribution Network is characterized by overloaded transformer stations and lines, resulting in poor quality of electricity service marked by frequent load shedding, voltage drops that exceed acceptable standards and excessive technical losses and, on the other, the very low electrification rate of certain peripheral neighborhoods of the city commonly known as ‘dark centers’. The electricity access rate in Kinshasa is less then 50%.

The Project main focus is the electrification of the un-electrified areas in the capital Kinshasa, due to various economic and sociopolitical driving factors. In one of the five unelectrified areas, the estimated number of inhabitants that would have access to electricity exceeds 600,000 inhabitants.

rüzgar türbinleri


Purchasing the 150 MW Onshore Wind Project rights, getting it ready to start construction, and selling.

Preliminary business development of a 150 MW photovoltaic solar.

Solar Paneller


Purchasing the 50 MW Photovoltaic Project rights, getting it ready to start construction, and selling.

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